Wednesday, April 22, 2015

“Big Machines Float!” by Catherine Veitch

Age: 3-5 years
Genre: non-fiction picture book

Does your preschooler like vehicles? How about BIG vehicles? Part of the Heinemann “Read and Learn” collection, the Big Machines series uses real photographs to show some of the biggest vehicles on land, sea, and air. In Big Machines Float! the reader explores things that travel on water including ice breakers, cargo ships, galleons, and cruise ships. Each ship is rated on a scale of big, super, or mighty and is described in basic terms suitable for the young reader. My three-year-old loved seeing the variety of “big, big boats” featured in this book, and I’m sure we will enjoy exploring the other books in this series, including Big Machines Build!, Big Machines Drive! and Big Machines Ride Rails! Look for the Big Machines series at your local library or bookstore.

Bibliographic Information:
Veitch, Catherine. Big Machines Float! Chicago, IL: Heinemann Library, 2015.

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